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Covid: Media Omissions, Unqualified Lawmakers, and Oppose SB163

By Pam Long May 20, 2020 A recent vaccine panel highlights the need to be a conscious consumer of media, emerging health guidance, and state health officials. Listen for the Omission In the May 19, 2020 Denver 360 vaccine panel discussion, there are four panelists. Three men promote a non-existent SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, and I (representing CHCA) promote risks of [...]

Colorado COVID-19 Data Indicates Viral Arc Peak Passed on April 3, 2020

By Pam Long April 13, 2020 The Colorado state health department’s CDPHE COVID-19 Case Data has a flawed focus on cumulative case data, and not the viral arc peak that is critical in pinpointing the decline in the virus which would signal that everyone can resume their normal routines. The following is a sample of daily reporting by CDPHE: [...]

Human fetal cell lines are derived from the tissues of aborted babies. (Pt. 1)

Much of the information contained in this blog is taken from the White Paper: Abortion, the Human Fetal Cell Industry, and Vaccines by Tanya Foster M.A. (Download here.) “Without realizing it, we who have faithfully trusted the recommended vaccine schedule for our children for the better part of six decades have become unwittingly complicit in the abortive human fetal cell [...]

Reflections on VIE

We stepped into the open gash of the Vietnam War Memorial; a somber, sacred space with 58,320 names etched in long triangles of reflective black granite. I had some friends who fought in Vietnam but, thankfully, none of their names are on the wall. Still, we stood there in silence reading names of men we did not know honoring their [...]

A New Resource in the Battle for Medical Freedom

Autism is often thought of as a public health issue. But Dr. Toby Rogers shows that the autism epidemic actually begins with what political scientists call “regulatory capture.” Carpenter and Moss (2013) define regulatory capture as “the result or process by which regulation, in law or application, is consistently or repeatedly directed away from the public interest and toward the [...]


VACCINE EXEMPTIONS ARE YOUR RIGHTS The following recommendations are not intended as legal advice. Colorado Vaccine Exemption Law is straight forward: No forms of any kind are required. You may submit your own statement of vaccine exemption. Submit your own Statement of Vaccine Exemption for your child with the following content: Name of child, child’s age (NOT BIRTHDAY), name of [...]