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Bat lab at Colorado State University

Bat lab in Fort Collins? On this episode of Serious Shot, Pam and Heather discuss the new controversial addition, approved by the Larimer County Planning Commission, of a NIH funded “bat lab” at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Prompted by a detailed article written by Children’s Heath Defense author Michael Nevradakis, PhD., Pam and Heather begin a multi-episode [...]

Consumer Protection Review of CIIS

Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) is a database that tracks vaccine uptake on individuals. It is promoted as a service to the public health. Top 10 Consumer Concerns of CIIS Opt-out system Lack of transparency Taxpayer funding CORHIO sharing CDC federal database Circumvents FERPA No recall notifications Coercion Interventions Personal data mining Beyond authority in statute Please review [...]

SERVE Report: Student Education Rights for Vaccine Exemptions

Colorado Health Choice Alliance June 28, 2020 SB20-163 has been signed into law, and it will have far-reaching implications for families who choose to exempt from even one vaccine. As we prepare for the coming school year, it is critical that Colorado parents know and understand their rights regarding vaccine exemptions. The purpose of this report is to [...]

Covid: Media Omissions, Unqualified Lawmakers, and Oppose SB163

By Pam Long May 20, 2020 A recent vaccine panel highlights the need to be a conscious consumer of media, emerging health guidance, and state health officials. Listen for the Omission In the May 19, 2020 Denver 360 vaccine panel discussion, there are four panelists. Three men promote a non-existent SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, and I (representing CHCA) promote risks of [...]

Human fetal cell lines are derived from the tissues of aborted babies. (Pt. 1)

Much of the information contained in this blog is taken from the White Paper: Abortion, the Human Fetal Cell Industry, and Vaccines by Tanya Foster M.A. (Download here.) “Without realizing it, we who have faithfully trusted the recommended vaccine schedule for our children for the better part of six decades have become unwittingly complicit in the abortive human fetal cell [...]