Protecting Vaccine Exemptions

Colorado Law is unambiguous.  As citizens of this great state we have clearly defined and legislatively protected rights to Vaccine Exemptions. The foundational purpose of CHCA is to protect those rights.

Promoting Informed Consent

CHCA is dedicated to promoting the rights of consumers to know the truth about the safety, efficacy, history, and ingredients of vaccines.

Preserving Medical Privacy

Medical and personal information must remain private, not sold to the highest bidder for use in national data bases. CHCA is committed to ensuring that Coloradans are able to preserve their family’s privacy.

CHCA Privacy Policy

CHCA’s privacy policy is simple: we do not share any of your information with with anyone, period.

As a matter of law however, there is nothing to stop you from handing over your privacy rights whether you consent to it or not. In Colorado, the primary offender of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, CDPHE.

CDPHE has repeatedly misled schools by insisting that parents send their vaccine exemption to CDPHE for inclusion into a database. But (Colorado State Law, C.R.S. 25-4-903) clearly states Schools must protect privacy of records in accordance with FERPA. FERPA prohibits sharing of personally identifying information (PII) with any agency without parental consent.

Since there’s no State law stating that CDPHE cannot share Personal Identifying Information, PII, CDPHE has acted in an unethical manner that violates the privacy rights of Colorado’s most vulnerable families.

CHCA has applied pressure to CDPHE through to ensure that CDPHE follows the law. They have complied for now. Each Legislative Sessions seems to bring yet another bill to find ways for CDPHE to take away the rights of those who rely on vaccine exemptions, and/or to do away with exemptions altogether.