Bat lab in Fort Collins?

On this episode of Serious Shot, Pam and Heather discuss the new controversial addition, approved by the Larimer County Planning Commission, of a NIH funded “bat lab” at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Prompted by a detailed article written by Children’s Heath Defense author Michael Nevradakis, PhD., Pam and Heather begin a multi-episode series on this potentially dangerous endeavor.

Area residents are concerned that the research being conducted at CSU could potentially lead to a lab leak akin to that which may have occurred at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, and may have led to escape of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Yet, concerned citizens have been stonewalled by both CSU and lawmakers.

Listen in to hear about what is known about this project so far and what concerned citizens can do to start getting answers and accountability from CSU and local government.

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Bat lab in Fort Collins – Part 2

This is the second episode in a series on the newly approved CSU bat lab approved by Larimer County for Fort Collins, Colorado, which has a history of lab leaks and gain of function research.

Christine Bowman leads a grassroots local citizen group called Covid Bat Research Moratorium of Colorado (CBRMC). CSU has failed to schedule the promised public stakeholder engagement process in the past six months to address the public’s safety concerns. Join over 600 people on her Facebook group to engage with yard signs, editorials, and emails of concern. This lab affects the safety of all people and animals in the US, not just Colorado. Contact CSU at and ask him your questions.

Mike, a concerned citizen of Colorado, shares his research from 2000 pages of FOIA requested documents on the CSU bat lab. Is Nipah virus the next pandemic? How would a Nipah outbreak effect the food supply?

Heather provides her perspective as a local Fort Collins resident.

Pam provides her perspective on this CSU-CDC-NIH-DOD collaboration as written here:

Listen to Bat Lab Podcast #2