SB20-163 has passed the Senate and will move to the House. It will most likely be heard next week on Tuesday, March 3.

Everyone needs to plan on being at the capitol EVERY DAY that you possibly can, starting Monday.

This is the time to arrive. This is the time to participate. It is no longer the time to hope and pray that other people get the job done. WE NEED ALL OF YOU!

  • Take time off work
  • Find babysitters
  • Bring family in from out of town to help with the kids
  • Bring food, blankets and anything you will need for long days at the capitol
  • This is war.

This bill is WAY WORSE THAN 1312 last year. WAY WORSE.


There were 11 “amendments”, none of which actually amended anything.

  • One tried to exempt homeschoolers and doesn’t
  • One said it was for MMR only, but then they added “and all other vaccines”
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School Entry Immunization: Concerning the modernization of the school entry immunization process.

Bill page:

Download bill PDF:

Assigned committee: Health & Human Services

First hearing date: Feb 19, 2020, upon adjournment.

Listen to HHS:

Hearing location: The hearing room has been changed to Room 357 on the 3rd floor. If you plan on testifying in opposition to this bill you can sign up beginning at 8:30 am in the rotunda on the 3rd floor. The capitol building opens to the public at 7:30 am. There will be overflow rooms available on the 3rd floor and in the Old Supreme Court Room on the 2nd floor.

This is the information that we have as of 2/18/2020. If you would like to receive text alerts on any last-minute updates or instructions, text 163 to 302-440-2422

There are 5 locations available for remote testimony 

  1. Colorado Mesa University – Grand Junction; UC-Meyer Ballroom 235 East in the building behind the parking garage
  2. Colorado Mesa University – Montrose; Room 100 of the Buell Higher Education Center located in the Montrose Regional Library. Free parking is located in the library parking lot and on city streets bordering the campus.
  3. Colorado Mtn College – Vail
  4. Colorado Mtn College – Glenwood Springs
  5. Otero Jr. College – La Junta, Colorado

Recommending people arrive around 9:30 at remote locations.

There is still time to register for one of those locations.

Democratic Representatives

Donald Valdez D. 303-866-2916
Julie McCluskie 303-866-2952
Barbara McLachlan 303-866-2914
Jeni James Arndt 303-866-2917
Cathy Kipp 303-866-4569
Rochelle Galindo 303-866-2929
Bri Buentello 303-866-2905
Daneya Esgar 303-866-2968
Dominique Jackson 303-866-3911
Jovan Melton 303-866-2919
Janet Buckner 303-866-2944
Tom Sullivan 303-866-5510
Mike Weissman 303-866-2942
Shannon Bird 303-866-2843
Kyle Mullica 303-866-2931
Matt Gray 303-866-4667
Adrienne Benavidez 303-866-2964
Yadira Caraveo 303-866-2918
Dafna Michaelson Jenet 303-866-2945
Tracy Kraft-Tharp 303-866-2950
Kerry Tipper 303-866-2939
Brianna Titone 303-866-2962
Dylan Roberts 303-866-2923
Lisa Cutter 303-866-2582
Monica Duran 303-866-5522
Chris Kennedy 303-866-2951
Marc Snyder 303-866-2932
Tony Exum 303-866-3069
KC Becker 303-866-2578
Sonya Jaquez Lewis 303-866-2920
Jonathan Singer 303-866-2780
Edie Hooton 303-866-2915
Emily Sirota 303-866-2910
Leslie Herod 303-866-2959
James Coleman 303-866-2909
Chris Hansen 303-866-2967
Alex Valdez A. 303-866-2925
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez 303-866-2954
Meg Froelich 303-866-2921
Alec Garnett 303-866-2911
Susan Lontine 303-866-2966

Bill analysis

Rep. Mullica, Sen. Priola, and Sen. Gonzales have introduced SB 163, a bill that drastically threatens vaccine exemptions and medical privacy. SB163 is punitive bill that will do nothing to reduce vaccine exemptions.

Vaccine Education and Data Tracking.
SB163 is a copycat bill of HB 1288 from 2014. HB1288 aimed for an education module, doctors approving religious and personal belief exemptions, and aggregate exemption data from schools. Only the aggregate data or number of school exemptions (no Personally Identifying Information or PII) became law. The data tracking used as a coercion tool is really the main goal of these bills. “Education” is just a smokescreen to promote the bill in a palatable way, as demonstrated by the eager compromise to amend out the education module in HB1288. And there were not any practicing doctors present to testify in support of a requirement to force risk-aware parents annually into their offices for confrontation.

Attack on Religious and Personal Beliefs
In HB1288, parents convinced legislators that doctors have no jurisdiction or authority to approve religious or personal belief exemptions. SB163 attempts to negate these longstanding rights, and create “non-medical exemptions” that would fall under the approval (most likely disapproval) of doctors. CDPHE adopted the term “non-medical exemption” in 2016, which does not align with exemption statute in place since 1978. This is a tactic to delegitimize religious exemptions and personal belief exemptions. It is political suicide to revoke or attack religious beliefs. The bill intends to change the name of exemptions to “non-medical,” and then a subsequent bill would revoke two long-standing rights to exempt, without the backlash of attacking people of faith or deeply held personal convictions. We need leaders of faith communities to testify against this bill.

Stealth Data, Tracking, Registry
The real goal of SB163 is data & tracking. The “certificate” is just a Trojan Horse for “state form” that CDPHE has aggressively attempted to promulgate in rules since 2016 with significant pushback as requiring a change in statute. Any form with PII will populate CIIS, a state registry. The coercive CIIS registry targets people like criminals with reminders, recalls, home visits. The registry is “opt-out,” without a true opt-out. Both education options in SB163 generate a certificate with “demographic” information to populate CIIS tracking which includes PII: name, date of birth, address, phone number, school. Protect two pieces of critical identity information: date of birth and social security number.

Current Medical Exemption
Current Colorado statute requires a doctor to write a medical letter of contraindication for the parent to submit to school. Current law does NOT require a state medical exemption form (already created without legislative authorization) for submission to the state registry (CIIS). Doctors who submit valid medical exemptions on a form to the state will face professional scrutiny from the state medical board and undue pressure to meet the 95% vaccine target by disregarding patients who are contraindicated and at risk of adverse reaction.

Yes, SB163 applies to all citizens of Colorado. Exemption law is at the state level, not district or local school or umbrella program. If you think the bill implies you are not affected, CDPHE would likely follow this bill with a rule requiring all homeschoolers to submit their certificates to local school districts as a condition for schools to get homeschool supplemental funding. SB163 could also expand to college-aged students in the future.

Lack of Stakeholder Process
Colorado Stakeholder Process requires that people who stand to be adversely affected by public policy have a right to prior public input for consideration. Neither NVIC nor CHCA, who are recognized stakeholders, were invited to a stakeholder meeting prior to the introduction of this bill.

Immunization Education Module
You can view the module lacking vaccine risk at CDPHE website:

Other over-reaching concerns of SB 163 more detrimental that an education module
1. The section of the Board of Health adopting ACIP recommendations would make every vaccine (and future vaccines) required, including vaccines that Colorado stakeholder process has voted to not make required, at a huge cost to the state budget.

2. The section creating a 95% “vaccine-protected” standard for every school is a school-shaming tactic that would negatively affect school accreditation and funding for many schools who do not meet this standard. Facts show that schools with 100% vaccine uptake have outbreaks.

3. The section requiring providers to submit all immunization and exemption data to CIIS would eliminate ALL privacy for all people, including adults, on their vaccine choices. For example, the local pharmacy would report an influenza vaccine refusal.

CTA – 2/28/20

Right now…all weekend and all next week…..

VISIT/CALL/EMAIL THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE and tell him to veto SB20-163 for one of the following reasons:

  • There was ZERO stakeholder involvement in the bill writing process
  • None of the amendments changed anything
  • The database they want to put our personal information in isn’t secure. Multiple testimony and a 2017 audit of CDPHE data proves that.
  • CPDHE and the Board of Health, through this bill, are usurping power from the legislators and will be able to add vaccines to the school entry schedule with no oversight. Kyle Mullica in a recent town hall meeting said they are planning on implementing the ACIP schedule which will add Hep-A, HPV, flu and meningitis for ALL COLORADO STUDENTS. A move that will make Glaxo Smithkline millions.
  • With new mandates, school enrollment will go down, costing the state school system tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars.

Stay tuned for more information daily.

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CTA – 2/23/20

Let’s do some math:

As of last count (2019) there are 1.26 million Coloradans under age 18.

So, there are 2.52 million parents of Colorado children.

37% of all parents use a spaced out or alternative vaccine schedule rather than following the bloated CDC schedule:

So Rep. Mullica and Senators Priola & Gonzales (via SB 163) want to force 932,400 Colorado parents to go through their online re-education module. (It would be unfair to put all of this burden on mothers so presumably both parents will be forced into the online re-education module).

Assuming it takes at least 3 hours to get the note from one’s doctor and find the website and complete the module and upload all of one’s personally identifying information into the state tracking database…And valuing the time of Colorado parents at $30 an hour.

SB 163 imposes a TAX of more than $83,916,000 on hardworking parents in Colorado.

[Feel free to check our math: 932,400 parents x 3 hours each x valuing their time at $30/hr = $83,916,000.]

Oh and when a similar online module was tried in Ontario, Canada, it produced ZERO CONVERSIONS. Zero:

So Rep. Mullica and Senators Priola & Gonzales (via SB 163) want to impose a tax of $83,916,000 on Colorado parents that, the best scientific research shows, will make absolutely zero difference.

Literally, it would be more efficient to just set money on fire and give Colorado parents back the 2.8 million hours of their time that will be wasted with this bill.

Colorado Health Choice Alliance
Colorado Health Choice Alliance03/17/2020 at 9:51am
Today is our favorite CHCA holiday. What good things happened today with you?
Colorado Health Choice Alliance
Colorado Health Choice Alliance03/13/2020 at 10:51pm
Dear Friends,

Please bear with us while we try to navigate this brave new world. We are now in completely new territory; as a planet, nation, and a movement.

As we understand it, the Legislative session will be called into Recess at the close of Saturday. If that happens, we have been told that the House hearing for 163 will be rescheduled.

So, while we are expecting the Recess to happen, please be ready to show up on Wednesday. If there is a hearing we will need EVERYONE there.

We , apparently, have two weeks to get strong, mobilize, and prepare.

For now, the CALL TO ACTION is to Pray, Meditate, find peace in your being, hold your loved ones close.
Colorado Health Choice Alliance
Colorado Health Choice Alliance shared a post.03/12/2020 at 11:35pm
No bill hearings without public input.
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