We are so grateful for all of you and your support throughout the years.

We want to acknowledge all of the hard work everyone has done over the past year, it was not an easy one.  We had people throughout the state working on issues ranging from local school mandates, county vaccine passport mandates, and college mandates, to state legislation and elections.  We had many victories and also many losses.  The work continues – it must. 

In 2022 we saw a continuing expansion of new supporters to the health freedom movement; this is the amazing silver lining to the past three challenging years and will give us the momentum we need to emerge victorious in this fight. We also saw friends step back from the movement.  The hardworking team at MAC announced their closing after a heartbreaking defeat in the mid-term elections in Colorado.  They will be missed.

CHCA is the longest standing medical freedom non-profit group in the state of Colorado. CHCA started as a grassroots effort in 2014 with a small group of dedicated parents who had been fighting for medical freedom in Colorado for years. The formal organization was formed in 2016. Our original mission is simple and remains the same as when we started:

1-Protecting Vaccine Exemptions

Colorado Law is unambiguous.  As citizens of this great state we have clearly defined and legislatively protected rights to Vaccine Exemptions. The foundational purpose of CHCA is to protect those rights.

2-Promoting Informed Consent

CHCA is dedicated to promoting the rights of consumers to know the truth about the safety, efficacy, history, and ingredients of vaccines.

3-Preserving Medical Privacy

Medical and personal information must remain private, not sold to the highest bidder for use in national data bases. CHCA is committed to ensuring that Coloradans are able to preserve their family’s privacy.

The war being waged by the pharmaceutical companies in collusion with the many captured entities in government and the private sector has become much more clear in the past three years.  Our state is a key battleground.  As the plan continues to become more clear, we must continue to adapt.  We commit to the fight and we will adapt. We will continue to be the strongest and most persistent voice in the state and we will continue to stand up for the people of our state.  

We will be restarting our podcast in 2023.  Our first installment of the new year will be a look back at the history of vaccine legislation in our state and how it has changed and evolved. We will explore our strategy and how that has evolved over time and why.  It should be an interesting and informative discussion, we hope you will join us.  There will surely be a surprise in there somewhere. 

We ask for your continued support and your continued advocacy.  Together we will be victorious – it is the only option. 

Happy 2023!